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KICS Journal Club

KICS Journal Club

June 12, 2024 | 12:15–1 p.m. MCW_Icons_Make_An_Appointment_Green iCAL

Fixed Mindset & Imposter Phenomenon: Determining the Correlation and Prevalence Among Pharmacy Students

Jeff Cain, EdD, MS

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About the Author Jeff Cain, EdD, MS, is an associate professor and vice-chair in the Department of Pharmacy Practice & Science at the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy and Director of the Office of Teaching Innovation & Scholarship. His primary classroom teaching is as course director for Pharmacy Operations and Financial Management. He also directs the University of Kentucky Teaching Certificate Program, runs an Academia Fellowship program, and mentors pharmacy students and residents through an academia rotation. Dr. Cain is actively involved in social and behavioral sciences research with numerous publications and presentations pertaining to digital media, AI, well-being and innovative teaching. He was a 2013 AACP Academic Leadership Fellow and in 2017 was named an AACP Distinguished Teaching Scholar. He won the Michael J. Lach Faculty Award for Innovative Teaching in 2013 and 2019. In 2021, Dr. Cain was a recipient of the University of Kentucky Provost’s Award for Outstanding Teaching and has been recognized by students for numerous teaching and faculty member of the year awards. Dr. Cain is the AACP Council of Faculties Incoming Chair-Elect, is co-host of the pharmacy education podcast, Pharmacy Fika, and was founding editor for Pulses scholarly blog.

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